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    Our History
    Changzhou (Boduan) Primary Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in design and development of drying and calcining equipment packages. Boduan not only provides solutions for traditional drying technology and process, but also dedicates to the innovation and research of modern technology and production mode.
    Always, Boduan wins the trust of customers through reliable engineering solutions and high quality product performance. Under our marketing strategy of mutual demonstration with customers, strict model selections and careful planning, Boduan provides package equipment and solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical, new material and electronics industries etc.
    We Dedicated to drying for ten years; Warranty period is for free. We are the Expert at drying solution.
    Our Factory
    Our workshop area is 3000㎡. more than 20 types equipment are produced here.
    Our Product and Product Application
    1. Oven/Hot Box
    Batch drying of almost any type of products
    2. Belt Dryer
    Continuous drying of food, chemical or pharmaceutical materials on a conveying belt
    3. Fluid-bed Dryer
    Drying of wet granules or powder
    3.1 Vibrating fluid bed dryer
    3.2 Fluid bed with granulating
    4.Spray Dryer
    Drying from liquid to powder or granule
    4.1 Centrifugal spray dryer
    4.2 Spray dryer for Chinese medicine
    4.3 Pressure spray dryer
    5. Calciner
    Drying of products with high temperature
    5.1 Rotary calciner
    5.2 Belt furnace
    5.3 Box furnace
    6. Drum Dryer
    Drying of heat-sensitive materials or sticky materials
    7. Flash Dryer
    Air flow drying of bulk/paste-like materials, continuous drying
    8. Vacuum Dryer
    Used for dehydration and drying of high value-added and heat-sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials, etc.
    8.1 Cone Dryer
    8.2 Harrow Dryer
    8.3 YZG,FZG vacuum dryer YZG,FZG
    9. Paddle Dryer
    Quick drying of heat-sensitive powder or paste-like materials
    10. Rotary kiln dryer
    Be used in cement,metallurgy,chemical industry and other industries
    11. Tray dryer
    Used in chemical,dyestuff,Pesticide, plastics, medicine and food industry
    12. Predrying
    Used for SCR catalyst ternary catalysts,etc
    Our Certificate
    Strictly follow the relevant requirement, Boduan provides the whole service including design, development, manufacturing and installation. Also, Boduan strictly abides by quality system standards to ensure the quality of product and provides the most satisfactory service for customers. So far, Boduan has got certifications such as ISO9001,HSE,ISO14001 and GB/T28001 etc.
    Production Equipment
    No.Machine Name
    1Plasma Cutting Machine
    2Plate Shear
    3Press Break
    4Rolling Machine
    5Electric Welding Machine
    6Argon Welder
    7Travelling Crane
    Production Market
    1. Arkema (Suzhou) Polyamides Co., Ltd.
    2. The Chemours Chenguang Fluoromaterials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    3. Honeywell International Inc.
    4. Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai
    5. Albemarle Limitada La Negra,Antofagasta
    Our Service
    Boduan has the first-class design and research team for providing technical service for customers at any time. Also, as a growing company, Boduan wins good reputation by its complete marketing team and after-sale service system.
    1) Professional advice and rich experience help to choose machine.
    2) Longtime maintainance and considerate technical support
    3) Technicians can be sent to abroad to install.
    5) ONE year guarantee. WHOLE life service. Within1 year, any problem part can send to us, we can give provide free new part(only damaged by machine itself).
    4) Any problem before or after delivery, you could find and talk with us anytime. We will free supply technical support.Light Industry Fluid Bed Dryer manufacturers