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    We are the first manufacturer that produce taurine in the world and now account more than 35% market share the whole world.
    1.Product introduction:
    CAS No.107-35-7
    HS Code2921199090
    Annual Capacity20000MT
    UsageFood/feed additives, energy drinks, milk powder, etc.
    2.Product Parameter (specification)
    Taurine JP16 for food,feed and pharmacy
    ItemJP16 Standard
    AppearanceColorless or White crystalline powder
    Assay (C2H7NSO3)(on dry basis)99.0~101.0%
    Clarity of solutionColorless and clear
    Residue on ignition0.1% max
    Loss on drying0.20% max
    Heavy Metals (Pb)10ppm max
    Arsenic1ppm max
    Lead3ppm max
    Cadmium1ppm max
    Mercury0.1ppm max
    Chloride (as Cl)0.011 % max
    Sulphate (as SO4)0.010% max
    Ammonium salt (as NH4)0.02% max
    Iron10ppm max
    Chromatographic purity0. 2% max
    Total bacteria count1000 cfu/g max
    3.Product feature and application
    Taurine can promote the secretion of pituitary hormones, activate the function of the pancreas, thereby improving the state of the body’s endocrine system, beneficially regulating the body’s metabolism, and promoting the immunity and anti-fatigue of the organism.
    4.Production details
    We produce all the taurine in our GMP plant.
    Standard:Food, feed, pharmacy grade
    5.Product quality
    Our QA and QC department contains a lot of senior employees who have been in this area for over 5 years even 10 years that can make sure our quality qualified with the customer鈥檚 requirement.
    Q:Where are your factory located?
    A:Our plant, located in Fuchi Chemical Zone, is an internationally professional industrial park approved by the state. It is monitored by the state and the monitoring system is networking with the relevant departments of the state to monitor constantly real-time data. It is definitely in line with national standards and even international standards.
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