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    Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic has high thermal conductivity(5-10 times of alumina ceramic), similar thermal expansin coefficient to silicon, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss (at high frequencies), in practical use, the surface of Aluminum Nitride ceramic is often metallized for the purpose of device package, component mounting, and connection of input and output terminals. The high thermal conductivity and light weight of aluminum nitride is helpful for more efficient heat dissipation of electronic components, promote the miniaturization of the electronic product and improve the reliability of the product.
    Advantages of Aluminum Nitride
    (1) High thermal conductivity (greater than 170 W/m路K), which is about 5-10 times that of Al2O3;
    (2) The thermal expansion coefficient (4.6脳10-6掳 C.) is matched with Si (3.5-4脳10-6掳 C.) and GaAs (6脳10 鈭?掳 C.);
    (3) Excellent electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, volume resistivity, dielectric strength);
    (4) Good mechanical properties, flexural strength higher than Al2O3 and BeO ceramics;
    (5) Good optical transmission characteristics;
    (6) Non-toxic;
    Production Process of AlN Ceramic Substrates
    Tape casting is often used in the production of alumina ceramic substrates and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates. The thickness of the substrate can be as thin as 10 渭m or less and as thick as 1 mm or more. Tape casting has the following advantages:
    鈶?Defect of size is small;
    鈶?Product composition is uniform, stable performance;
    鈶?High production efficiency, continuous operation;
    鈶?It can be produced in large and small batches, suitable for industrial production;
    鈶?Suitable for forming large-size thin plates
    Comparing of Different Substrate Materials
    Material TypeAlNAl2O3BeOSiC
    Thermal conductivityVery goodGoodVery goodVery good
    Dielectric strengthVery goodGoodGoodBad
    Dielectric constantGoodGoodGoodBad
    Thermal expansion coefficient (vs Si)Very goodGoodGoodVery good
    SupplyingGoodVery goodVery goodGood
    Toxicitynonobiga little
    Property Data Sheet
    Ceramic SubstrateSubstrate material—Aluminum Nitride
    Ceramic Densityg/cm33.3
    Water Absorption%0
    Thermal conductivityW/M.K (25鈩?鈮?70
    Thermal expansion coefficient10-6mm/鈩?
    Flexural StrengthMpa鈮?50
    Dielectric strengthKV/mm17
    Dielectric constant1MHz8.5-9.5
    Volume resistivity惟.cm1014
    Copper LayerCopper layer thickness渭m50-400
    Copper layer thermal conductivityw/mk385
    Peel strengthN/mm锛?.5
    Minimum spacingmm0.5
    Surface Finish-Bare Copper
    Tin plating
    Au Plating
    Immersion gold
    Application Temperature鈩?/p>-55~850
    Company Information
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