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    Shandong Ruixing Flame Retardant Technology Co.Ltd.,founded in 2013,is a professional engaged in Shandong Zaozhuang phosphate series flame retardant,antiwear agent production and sales company.
    Products are widely used in electronics, electrical, plastics,rubber,synthetic materials,coatings,resins.
    lubricants, additives and other industrial fields, and have good flame retardancy, compression resistance, abrasion resistance and plasticizing effect. The company has advanced production equipment and technology, and has a modern testing center. Adjacent to Beijing Shanghai high-speed, Jingtai high speed, Beijing Shanghai high-speed, Beijing Hangzhou canal and other convenient transportation,logistics convenient.
    Five years of development,the company has always adhered to the twelve word concept of”innovation,quality,service,saving,dedication and gratitude”. Absorption of innovation,strict quality,full range of service tracking,adhere to high quality products.In line with the “pursuit,staff,technology, spirit,interests” of the cross purpose. Now we have a group of lean management staff and a high-quality professional and technical production team,comfortable and elegant office environment and 40 thousand square meters “garden style” factory area.We are based on our faith in the quality of life, the reputation of time and the competitiveness of the price,based on the land of Shenzhou.
    Tricresyl Phosphate