Fun Soccer Drills for Kids U10

Soccer is a sport that has captured the hearts of people worldwide. It’s a game that brings joy, excitement, and camaraderie. For kids, playing soccer is not just about competition but also about having fun and enjoying the beautiful game. To help young players develop their skills while having a blast, we have compiled a variety of fun soccer drills that are sure to keep them engaged and eager to improve.

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1. Pass and Move: Enhancing Coordination and Teamwork

Passing and moving are fundamental skills in soccer. This drill focuses on teaching young players the importance of moving after they pass the ball. It encourages coordination and teamwork while introducing variations such as wall passes and one-touch passes to challenge their abilities further.

In this drill, players are divided into pairs or small groups. They start by passing the ball to their teammate and then immediately move to a new position to receive the ball again. This exercise not only improves passing accuracy but also helps players understand the significance of creating space and supporting their teammates.

2. Triangle Passing: Mastering Precision and Off-the-Ball Movement

Triangle passing is an excellent drill for young players to work on their passing skills while honing their off-the-ball movement. Set up four red cones about 10 yards apart, forming a square, and place a single blue cone in the center. The objective is for players to complete four triangle passes before switching roles.

The central player starts with the ball and passes to one of the players on the outside of the square. The player who receives the pass then passes to the third player, who needs to be in a support position. Finally, the third player completes the triangle by passing back to the central player. This drill emphasizes accuracy, communication, and the importance of constantly moving off the ball.

3. Possession: Improving Ball Control and Decision-Making

Possession is a crucial aspect of soccer, and this drill helps young players develop their ball control and decision-making skills. Designate a playing area using cones or preexisting lines on the field and divide the players into two teams. One team wears pinnies to differentiate between the two sides.

During the game, teams score points by completing a predetermined number of passes. Encourage players to find open space, communicate with their teammates, and avoid clumping around the ball. To add a twist, introduce a player who always joins the team in possession, creating an overload and forcing the other team to focus on defensive strategies as well.

4. Two-Ball Passing: Enhancing Quick Thinking and Ball Control

Two-ball passing is a fast-paced drill that challenges players to think quickly and maintain control of the ball. In this exercise, three players work together to keep two balls away from a single defender. The objective is to maintain possession and move the balls around without losing control.

The drill starts with two players passing the ball between themselves while the defender tries to intercept. The third player acts as a support option and should always be ready to receive a pass. The players must communicate, make quick decisions, and showcase their ball control skills to keep the balls away from the defender.

5. Finishing Off a Cross: Emphasizing Timing and Accuracy

Finishing off a cross is a crucial skill for strikers, and this drill allows young players to practice it in a game-like scenario. The focus is on making accurate crosses while teaching strikers to time their runs and get a piece of the ball. It’s important to remind younger players that heading is not allowed at their age.

To set up the drill, have players line up along the wings and take turns crossing the ball into the box. The strikers should time their runs and attempt to connect with the ball using different parts of their body, such as their feet or chest. This drill helps improve coordination, timing, and finishing skills.

6. Four-Cone Shooting: Enhancing Shooting Technique and Passing Accuracy

Four-cone shooting is a versatile drill that not only works on shooting technique but also emphasizes passing accuracy. The setup involves placing four cones in a square shape, with a player positioned at each cone. The players pass the ball to each other in a patterned manner before taking a shot on goal.

This drill encourages players to communicate, make accurate passes, and work on their shooting technique under pressure. By incorporating passing into the exercise, it simulates real-game scenarios and helps players develop their overall offensive skills.

7. Shooting Technique: Mastering the Fundamentals

Proper shooting technique is essential for players of all ages. This drill focuses on the basics, such as leaning over the ball, using the laces of the shoe, and aiming for specific targets. It’s important to teach young players the correct technique early on to help them become more proficient shooters.

The drill starts with players practicing shooting from a stationary position, gradually progressing to shots on the move. Coaches can provide guidance on body positioning, striking the ball cleanly, and maintaining balance throughout the shot. Repetition and feedback are key to refining shooting technique.

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8. Lightning Shooting: Adding Competition and Goalkeeping Skills

Lightning shooting is an exciting drill that incorporates healthy competition and enhances goalkeeping skills. Players line up outside the penalty area, and the first player takes a shot on goal. If they score, they move to the back of the line. If they miss, they become the goalkeeper. The last player in line is the winner.

This drill encourages players to be accurate shooters while challenging the goalkeepers to make saves and keep the ball out of the net. It promotes a competitive spirit and helps players develop their shooting and goalkeeping abilities simultaneously.

9. Technical Cone Maze: Improving Dribbling and Agility

The technical cone maze is an excellent drill for young players to enhance their dribbling skills while improving agility and change of direction. Set up a maze of cones, ensuring there are enough to make it challenging for the players.

The objective is for players to navigate through the maze while keeping the ball close to their feet. They should focus on using both feet, maintaining control, and accelerating through the cones. This drill helps develop close ball control and improves players’ ability to navigate tight spaces on the field.

10. Sharks and Minnows: Enhancing Dribbling and Evasion Skills

Sharks and Minnows is a classic soccer drill that adds an element of fun while improving dribbling and evasion skills. Set up cones to create a starting line and an ending line, then have players line up along the starting line. The players, known as the minnows, must dribble their ball from one side of the “ocean” to the other without having their ball kicked away by the coach, who acts as the shark.

Once a player’s ball is knocked away, they become a shark as well. The game continues until all the minnows have been caught by the sharks. This drill enhances players’ dribbling skills, agility, and ability to evade opponents.

11. Gates Dribbling: Promoting Speed and Accuracy

Gates dribbling is a drill that challenges players’ speed, control, and accuracy while dribbling. Set up pairs of cones to create gates around a designated area of the field. The objective is for players to dribble through as many gates as possible within a predetermined time limit.

Emphasize the need for players to keep the ball close to their feet to avoid accidentally shooting the ball through the cones. This drill encourages players to maintain control while demonstrating their dribbling skills at high speeds.

12. Pinnie Snag Tag: Combining Warmup and Ball Control

Pinnie snag tag is a fun and engaging drill that combines a warmup activity with ball control skills. Start by designating a playing area using cones and have each player tuck a pinnie into their shorts. Players are eliminated when either their ball is kicked out of the area, or their pinnie is pulled out. The last player standing is declared the winner.

This drill helps players warm up their bodies while working on their ball control and awareness. It adds an element of competition and keeps players engaged throughout the activity.

13. 1v1 With Odds and Evens: Instilling a No-Quit Attitude

1v1 with odds and evens is a drill that focuses on developing individual skills, teamwork, and a no-quit attitude. Assign each player a number and have odd-numbered players stand to the left of the goal while even-numbered players stand to the right. The coach stands around midfield with a pile of balls.

To start, the coach calls out an odd number and an even number, then throws a ball out to those players. The players battle to win possession and score a goal for their team. It’s important to remind players that no one is designated as offense or defense to encourage them to focus on scoring goals rather than simply clearing the ball. This drill improves players’ decision-making skills, listening abilities, and determination.

14. Juggling Horse: Enhancing Ball Control

A juggling horse is a drill that challenges players to keep the ball in the air using various body parts, such as their feet, thighs, or chest. Divide players into small groups and have them compete to keep the ball up for as long as possible. Each time the ball hits the ground, the team receives a letter. The first team to spell H-O-R-S-E is eliminated from the round.

This drill enhances players’ ball control, coordination, and focus. It can be a fun activity to incorporate into training sessions or used as a friendly competition among teammates.

15. Two-Cone Drill: Focusing on Footwork and Agility

The two-cone drill is a versatile exercise that allows players to work on various foot skills using just two cones as their base. Players can practice different techniques, such as inside and outside cuts, step-overs, and quick changes of direction. This drill helps improve footwork, agility, and the ability to change directions quickly.

16. Touches, Touches, and More Touches: Emphasizing Repetition and Skill Development

Touches, and more touches, is a drill that focuses on developing different types of touches on the ball. The video guide provides a range of skills, such as formations, rolling toe taps, and L-turns. Players should aim for a set number of touches for each skill to improve their footwork and overall skill development.

17. Soccer Trainer: Solo Training for Ball Control and First Touch

A soccer trainer is a valuable tool for solo training, as it keeps the ball close and allows players to practice kicks while ensuring a good first touch. The coach rebounds the ball back to the player, helping them improve their ball control and reaction time. This drill is particularly useful for players who want to train on their own and improve their skills outside of regular team practices.

Fun Soccer Drills for Kids
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18. Clean Your Backyard: Teaching Clearing Techniques and Defensive Skills

Clean your backyard is a drill that focuses on teaching defenders how to clear the ball effectively and maintain a strong defensive stance. Divide the players into two teams and provide them with an equal number of balls. Create a “moat” in the middle of the field between the two teams, and the objective is for each team to kick the balls into the other team’s yard. If a ball lands in the moat, the coach removes it. This drill teaches defenders how to lean back and get underneath the ball for effective clearances.

19. Defending Techniques: Mastering Defensive Stance and Positioning

Defending techniques are crucial for becoming an effective defender. This drill focuses on teaching players the importance of a good defensive stance and positioning. Coaches can demonstrate and guide players on how to maintain balance, stay low, and react quickly to opponent movements. By practicing proper defensive techniques, players will become more confident and effective defenders.

20. 2v2 With Four Goals: Building Defensive Strategies and Teamwork

2v2 with four goals is a drill that challenges players to work on defensive strategies and teamwork. Set up four small goals in each corner of the field and designate one team as the defenders. The offensive team’s objective is to score in any of the four goals. This drill helps defenders practice getting low, making the field small, and executing successful steals. It also emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration among defensive players.

21. Walk Through Goal Side, Ball Side: Understanding Defensive Concepts

Walk through goal side; ball side is a drill that helps players understand the concept of positioning themselves correctly in defensive situations. Set up your players as shown in the video, then have offensive players move to different spots on the field. The defenders must position themselves between the offensive player and the goal, ensuring they are the goal side and the ball side. This drill improves players’ defensive decision-making skills and helps them become more effective defenders.

22. Two-Cone Goalie Drill: Improving Goalkeepers’ Agility and Reflexes

The two-cone goalie drill is designed to enhance goalkeepers’ agility and reflexes. Set up two cones just to the right and left of each goal post, approximately 10 yards out from the goal. Instruct the goalkeeper to listen for verbal cues such as “left” or “right” and quickly react by moving to the corresponding cone before saving a rolling ball.

This drill helps goalkeepers improve their positioning, footwork, and reaction time. It simulates real-game scenarios where goalkeepers need to make split-second decisions and moves.

23. Diving: Introducing Safe and Effective Diving Techniques

Diving is a critical skill for goalkeepers, and this drill focuses on introducing them to safe and effective diving techniques. The video demonstrates basic diving drills that help goalkeepers practice proper form and technique. It’s important to emphasize the importance of protecting themselves while making diving saves and landing safely.

24. Catch and Release: Enhancing Goalkeepers’ Catching and Throwing Abilities

Catch and release is a drill that improves goalkeepers’ catching and throwing abilities. Set up one large goal for the goalkeeper to stand in and position two smaller goals farther down the field on the left and right flanks. The coach throws various balls to the goalkeeper, who must catch the ball and quickly throw it toward one of the smaller nets.

This drill improves the goalkeeper’s reflexes, accuracy, and ability to distribute the ball quickly after a save. It simulates game situations where goalkeepers need to make a save and initiate a counterattack.

By incorporating these fun soccer drills into your coaching sessions, you can help your young athletes develop their skills while ensuring they have a blast on the field. Remember to create a positive and supportive environment that encourages players to experiment, make mistakes, and continuously improve. Happy coaching!



As a soccer coach and graduate in Physical Education, I bring a wealth of expertise to the field. My coaching philosophy combines technical precision with a passion for player well-being. With a commitment to fostering both skill and sportsmanship, I aim to empower athletes, nurturing their growth not only as players but as individuals on the journey to success.



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