Soccer Drills For 7-8 Years Olds – Full Session


Are you on the hunt for soccer drills ideally suited for budding athletes aged 7-8? Your search ends here! Dive into this comprehensive guide brimming with engaging and effective drills tailored specifically for this vibrant age group. Get ready to witness a transformation in skills, agility, and teamwork on the field as we embark on this thrilling journey together.

One-on-One Drills

One-on-one drills are a great way to improve individual skills and build confidence in young players. The coach sets up a small playing area in this drill and pairs the players. They take turns trying to get past each other and score a goal. This drill helps improve dribbling, ball control, and decision-making on the field.

Passing and Receiving Drills

Passing and receiving drills play a crucial role in developing young players as they grasp the significance of teamwork and communication within the game’s dynamics. To execute this drill effectively, create a small grid and divide the players into two teams. One team initiates the sequence by passing the ball to their teammate on the opposite side, who controls it and returns the pass. Through this exercise, players enhance their passing accuracy, refine ball control skills, and heighten their awareness of their teammates’ positioning and movements on the field, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies of play.

Skill Challenges

Skill challenges are a fun way to improve specific skills while keeping the players engaged and motivated. Set up different stations with cones or poles and assign a particular skill to each station. For example, one station could focus on dribbling, another on shooting, and another on passing. The players rotate through the stations and perform the assigned skill. This drill helps improve overall ball control, coordination, and technique.

Agility and Speed Drills

Agility and speed drills are crucial for young players to develop their physical abilities on the field. Set up a series of cones in a zigzag pattern and have the players dribble the ball through the cones as quickly as possible. You can also incorporate changes in direction and sprinting into the drill to improve agility and speed. This drill helps improve balance, coordination, and quickness.

Soccer Drills For 7 8 Years Olds
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Small-Sided Games

Small-sided games are exceptional for replicating authentic match scenarios, fostering teamwork, and honing essential skills among young players. This dynamic drill involves dividing the players into teams and meticulously arranging a compact playing area to facilitate intense yet controlled gameplay. Within this engaging setup, participants immerse themselves in small-sided matches, emphasizing the practical application of their individual skill sets while seamlessly blending into a unified team effort.

Beyond merely enhancing technical abilities, this immersive experience cultivates crucial aspects of player development, including heightened decision-making abilities, enhanced communication skills, and a deeper understanding of intricate game tactics. As players navigate through the fluid dynamics of these small-sided encounters, they refine their on-field performance and foster a sense of camaraderie and strategic acumen that will serve them well in their soccer journey.


These meticulously crafted soccer drills aren’t just about improving skills but about nurturing a love for the game. Incorporate these drills into your training regimen and witness the magic unfold as your young players blossom into formidable soccer stars. Remember, keeping the drills fun, engaging, and exciting is the key to success. So here’s to joyful training sessions filled with laughter, growth, and endless possibilities. Happy training!



As a soccer coach and graduate in Physical Education, I bring a wealth of expertise to the field. My coaching philosophy combines technical precision with a passion for player well-being. With a commitment to fostering both skill and sportsmanship, I aim to empower athletes, nurturing their growth not only as players but as individuals on the journey to success.


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