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Soccer is a sport that highlights the importance of speed, skill, and agility. While height can be an advantage in some sports, it doesn’t guarantee success on the soccer field. However, there are a few select players who have made a name for themselves, thanks in part to their impressive height. In this article, we rank the tallest soccer players ever, showcasing the giants of the beautiful game. From towering goalkeepers to colossal outfield players, these athletes have defied the odds and achieved success at the professional level.

1. Simon Bloch Jorgensen – 6’11” (210cm)

Country: Denmark

Topping our list as the tallest soccer player ever is Danish goalkeeper Simon Bloch Jorgensen. Standing at an incredible 6’11” (210cm), Jorgensen currently plays for Waltham Abbey FC. Despite his height, he has managed to maintain a successful career, proving that size can be both an advantage and a challenge on the soccer field. Previously, Jorgensen made the most appearances for Frem in the Netherlands, although his playing time has decreased in recent years.

2. Kristof Van Hout – 6’10.5″ (208cm)

Country: Belgium

Belgian goalkeeper Kristof Van Hout ranks second on our list, standing at an impressive 6’10.5″ (208cm). Currently playing for Westerlo in the Proximus League, Van Hout has had a consistent career, even enjoying a stint as a regular starter a decade ago. His height certainly sets him apart from other goalkeepers, but it’s his skills between the posts that have kept him in the professional game.

3. Paul Millar – 6’10” (208cm)

Country: Scotland

Scottish player Paul Millar comes in third place, measuring at 6’10” (208cm). Primarily playing for Elgin in Scottish League Two, Millar was the tallest player in the league at the time. Unfortunately, injuries plagued his career, impacting his speed and ultimately his ability to compete at a high level. Despite these setbacks, Millar remains one of the tallest soccer players in history.

4. Tomas Holy – 6’9″ (206cm)

Country: Czech Republic

Czech goalkeeper Tomas Holy, who stands at 6’9″ (206cm), currently plays for Ipswich Town in the third tier of English football. While he hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations some had for him as a young player, Holy has still managed to make a living as a dominant force in goal. Many once believed he would become the future goalkeeper for the Czech Republic national team, but his last appearance for the country was in 2009 on the U18 team.

5. Vanja Ivesa – 6’9″ (206cm)

Country: Croatia

Croatian goalkeeper Vanja Ivesa, also standing at 6’9″ (206cm), continues to play professionally despite being 44 years old. With a career spanning numerous leagues in his home country, Ivesa’s consistent performances in goal have kept him active in the soccer world. Although no longer in his prime, he has proven that experience and determination can be just as valuable as height.

6. Daniel Muller – 6’9″ (205cm)

Country: Germany

German goalkeeper Daniel Muller measures at 6’9″ (205cm) and has had a relatively unremarkable career, despite his height. As a young player, Muller’s skills attracted the attention of Bayern Munich, but he struggled to secure consistent playing time for lower-level teams within their system. In recent years, Muller played for Augsburg II in the fourth tier of German soccer.

7. Tonny Brogaard – 6’9″ (206cm)

Country: Denmark

Referred to as the “Gentle Giant,” Danish goalkeeper Tonny Brogaard stands at 6’9″ (206cm). Initially showing great potential, Brogaard’s career never fully took off, largely due to injuries and inconsistency. With his exceptional height and extraordinarily long arms, many believed he could revolutionize the position of goalkeeper, but fate had other plans.

8. Tor Hogne Aaroy – 6’8.5″ (204cm)

Country: Norway

Norwegian forward Tor Hogne Aaroy began his soccer career in 1985 and spent the majority of his playing days in his home country. At 6’8.5″ (204cm), Aaroy made 242 career appearances for Aalesund in the Norwegian First Division, scoring an impressive 90 goals. His height and versatility up front made him a formidable opponent on the field.

9. Yang Changpeng – 6’8.5″ (205cm)

Country: China

Chinese field player Yang Changpeng, also known as “China’s Peter Crouch,” stands at 6’8.5″ (205cm). Although he trialed with Bolton for a month, his career never reached the heights of his English counterpart. Currently a free agent, Changpeng’s professional career seems to be winding down, demonstrating the challenges of maintaining a career as a tall field player.

10. Jason Mooney – 6’8.5″ (204cm)

Country: United Kingdom

UK goalkeeper Jason Mooney, measuring at 6’8.5″ (204cm), has never achieved top-tier success, but his height and agility have kept his professional dream alive. Mooney’s highest level of play was in League One, where he made a few appearances with Tranmere Rovers. Primarily serving as a backup, Mooney has seen limited playing time in recent years.

The Impact of Height on Soccer Performance

Among the 10 tallest soccer players listed here, many have not achieved the level of success they may have initially hoped for. This raises the question: does height help or hinder soccer performance? The general consensus seems to be that while height can be advantageous, particularly for goalkeepers, it can also be limiting in terms of speed and agility.

The tallest soccer player ever, Simon Bloch Jorgensen, and other giants of the game have shown that success can be achieved despite their towering stature. However, it’s important to remember that soccer is a sport that relies heavily on speed, skill, and agility, making it challenging for taller players to dominate on the field.

In conclusion, while height can provide an advantage in certain aspects of soccer, it doesn’t guarantee success. Nevertheless, these athletes deserve recognition for their achievements in the professional game, defying the odds and showcasing their skills despite the challenges that come with being the tallest soccer players in the world.

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