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When is Soccer Season? A Comprehensive Guide

When is Soccer Season? A Comprehensive Guide

‍When is Soccer Season?

As a soccer enthusiast, it is vital to know when soccer season starts and ends for various leagues and levels, from youth to professional players. In this comprehensive guide, we will help you understand when is soccer season for different leagues, how many games are played in a season, and the various factors that can affect the soccer calendar.

MLS Soccer Season

The Major League Soccer (MLS) season in the United States starts at the end of February and ends in December of the same year. From February through October, the teams compete in two conferences. Then from October, the MLS teams compete in the MLS Cup playoffs, ending with the MLS Cup championship game in December. The main reason for the MLS season taking place in the summer is to avoid competition for attention with other popular American sports like basketball and football.

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League Stage and Playoffs Stage

The MLS season consists of two stages:

  • The league stage: Teams compete in a league format, aiming to finish with the best record overall. The MLS splits teams into two leagues: an Eastern Conference and a Western Conference. Each team plays every other team in their league twice throughout the season.
  • The MLS Cup playoffs: From mid-October, the MLS teams compete in an elimination tournament with the aim of winning the MLS Cup in December. The top teams from the league stage qualify for the playoff stage.

Youth Soccer Season

Youth soccer season typically takes place from February through May or September through November each year. Most youth soccer seasons in the United States take place in either Spring or Fall, lasting three months. Since many youth soccer leagues and tournaments are members of the organization US Youth Soccer, the individual leagues and tournaments have a lot of freedom when scheduling their soccer season. To find out more about youth soccer, you can check your local soccer association or club for specific schedules.

Soccer Season in Europe

Soccer Season in Europe runs from the end of Summer through Spring the following year. The majority of soccer leagues across Europe start at the end of August and finish during May the next year. Here is a breakdown of when soccer season starts and ends in some of the top European leagues:

Soccer LeagueDuration of Season
Premier League – EnglandAugust through May
La Liga – SpainSeptember through May
Serie A – ItalySeptember through May
Ligue 1 – FranceAugust through May
Bundesliga – GermanySeptember through May

When is Soccer Season
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High School Soccer Season

High school soccer season in most states in the USA begins during the fall and runs throughout the year, simultaneously with the high school academic year. In most cases, the high school soccer season begins in the fall from September to November, while some states have their high school soccer season in the spring, starting from February to May. It is essential to check with your local high school or state athletics association for the specific high school soccer season schedule in your area.

College Soccer Season

College soccer season in the United States typically starts in August and ends in November or early December, depending on playoffs and championship games. The regular college soccer season lasts about 12 weeks, with an additional few weeks for playoffs and championships. During the spring, college soccer teams have off-season training and friendly matches to maintain their skills and fitness levels.

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NWSL Soccer Season

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) season in the United States starts in April and ends in October. The regular season consists of 24 games, followed by the playoffs and the championship match. The NWSL season runs alongside the MLS season, allowing both leagues to gain maximum exposure and attention from fans and media.

Indoor Soccer Season

Indoor soccer season usually takes place during the winter months when outdoor soccer fields are not suitable for play due to harsh weather conditions. Indoor soccer leagues and tournaments are popular alternatives for players who want to continue playing soccer throughout the year. Indoor soccer seasons can vary in length, but they generally last about three months, giving players an opportunity to stay active and engaged in the sport during the colder months.

Season Length Across Leagues

The length of a soccer season varies considerably based on the level and league. Here is a breakdown of the approximate number of weeks in different soccer seasons:

LevelApproximate # Weeks in Regular SeasonPlayoffs?
Youth16 (split between fall & spring)No
High School8 weeksYes
College12 weeksYes
NWSL24 weeksYes
MLS34 weeksYes
Professional in Europe45 weeksNo

Soccer Season in Southern States

In some southern states, such as Texas, Florida, and California, the high school soccer season takes place during the winter months rather than the fall. This is due to the warmer climate in these states, making it more suitable to play soccer during the winter season. In these states, the high school soccer season typically begins in November and ends in February or March.

Soccer Season and Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can significantly impact soccer seasons, especially in countries with diverse climates like the United States. In many areas, soccer seasons are scheduled to avoid extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall or high temperatures, which can make it difficult or unsafe to play. As a result, soccer seasons in different regions may start and end at different times of the year. It is essential to be aware of the local weather conditions and how they may affect soccer season schedules in your area.

In conclusion, knowing when is soccer season is crucial for soccer fans, players, and coaches alike. Soccer seasons can vary depending on the league, level, and location, but this comprehensive guide should help you understand the general timelines for various soccer seasons. Keep in mind that specific schedules may change from year to year, so always check with your local soccer association, club, or school for the most up-to-date information on soccer season schedules.

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